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 My platform is built around A.C.T.S. (Academics, Commitment, Teamwork, and Safety).  We need to act,  to show our schools, and communities, that we are committed to our student's success. Come join Team Mike and help me make a difference.  
A.C.T.S. for improving schools
Academics/Student Achievement
   As a school board member I plan to address:
  • Differential learning and instruction                                 

  • Basic life skills education                                                     

  • Early literacy intervention programs                                 

  • Parent & student school board group                              

  • Need assessments of our schools

School Safety
  As a school board member, I am passionate about:
  • School safety plans                                                                       

  • Improved relationships with Police, Fire/Rescue, & government                                       

  • Alcohol, vaping, & drug  prevention education                                                                  

  • Anti- bullying education & reporting program                                                                 

  • Cyber safety programs & training                                              

  • Mental health support

As a school board member, I am committed to:
  • Student success

  • Hands-on involvement'

  • Transparency

  •  Continued improvement        

 Teamwork and Teacher Retention
As a school board member, I am dedicated to:
  • Working together with teachers                                    

  • Recruiting & retaining quality teachers                        

  • Open communication

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