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We are ONE school community

As a father,  former school resource officer, instructor, and police officer for 27 years, I know what a difference education makes to our children.   I volunteer on campus, I am an active member/instructor of the G.R.E.A.T. program, and I sit on the Board of Directors for Omega Lamda Gamma.  These positions have allowed me to create a deep connection with our students, families, teachers, and school staff.   Lake County deserves an education system that is academically strong, transparent, diverse, and continually improving.  We must create a system that will meet the needs of each student, the teachers/administrators, and staff.

We are ONE school community and as a board member I would seek to bring everyone together for the success of our students.   I value a solid academic foundation that will give our children the skills and confidence to pursue a wide variety of academic and/or career interests.   Understanding that the education they receive today, will impact the community tomorrow, is the basis of our success.   The School Board, the families, the teachers, and administrators must work together to make this happen.  My platform is built around A.C.T.S. (Academics, Commitment, Teamwork and Safety).

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